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Welcome to! Your online source for all your Mark Wahlberg news. This site was started on January 5, 2000. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me.

November 1 , 2005

This site no longer provides regular updates. Please feel free to browse through past information and photos. Thank you for your many years of support.

Thursday, Feb 7, 2002
I would like to apologize for the down time that occurred the last couple of days. The server that hosts the site experienced a malicious attack on it's network. The server was unable to restore all the data. It took me a few hours to upload my backup copy of the site.

Sunday, Jan 13, 2002

  • My apologizes for the lack of updates. I'm planning on redesigning the site layout in the next month or so. Hopefully I can get myself organized in revamping the site and adding more info.

    Official photos of Mark from The Truth About Charlie have been released:

    Mark is in the talks of staring in the upcoming film, "Pride and Glory", which will also star Hugh Jackman, Robert DuVall, Ed Harris and Anthony LaPaglia. No official word on the production or release dates.

    Sunday, Oct 28, 2001
  • Mark attended the 2001 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards Show at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC on Oct. 19 2001. photos here

  • Sunday, Oct 14, 2001
  • Planet of the Apes will be available on video and DVD on Nov. 20, 2001

  • 3 interviews and premiere video clips from Rock Star here

  • 6 video caps of Mark on Tonight Show here

  • 6 photos of Mark at MTV VMA 2001 here

  • 6 photos from Rock Star premiere have been added here

  • 1 transcript from ET interview has been added here

  • Sunday, Oct 7, 2001
  • 1 photo of Mark meeting President Bush here

  • 4 video caps of Mark on the "American Tribute to Heroes" here

  • Thursday, Oct 4, 2001
  • 17 new premiere photos from Rock Star have been added. here

  • Tuesday, Sept 4, 2001
  • Mark will be on Jay Leno tonight instead of Wednesday

  • have footage of the Rock Star premiere here

  • Monday, Sept 3, 2001
  • E! has an short article on POTA sequel here

  • Don't forget that Mark will be presenting at MTV Music Video Awards on Thursday, Sept. 6th at 8PM (ET/PT)
  • Mark will also appear on Live with Regis and Kelly on Thursday, Sept 6.

  • more updates>

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