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Good Morning America
October 17, 2000

Diane Sawyer: And Now Mark Wahlberg, the face of an alter boy, the memories of the street kid, the tough kid he used to be and now the life of a superstar. You've seen him in The Perfect Storm, in Boogie night, which his costar Heather Graham disrobes. His latest, The Yards He plays a parolee trying to turn his life around while friends and family pull him back into the shadows.


Diane: So all of the reactions from watching that clip I could have imagined I would have never picked out smoking Bad.
Mark: Yes. That's all I saw in that. I just tortured myself for a long time with cigarette smoking. I stopped now for 10 months. It seems like every movie I've done I've smoked in the movies. Its hard to watch that
D: Would you ever reject on principle and say no more smoking?
M: Certainly try to. If I could smoke at work and not take it home with me then maybe I would do it. But it's too tough.
D: So seductive what's going on here (Clip) This great over tow back to old life, back to something you know is dangerous and doomed. But you got to go there any way Given everything you have lived, I guess what do you know for sure about stopping someone in that moment before they reach out their hand and take it?
M: Ah it's tough unless you really been there know what's it s like to not have and to have to do certain thing, usually ugly things to get what you feel you need. In most cases people do need, you know, this money to survive Its pretty damn tough you know.
D: There was a priest who was instrumental in your life
M: Yes
D: Teacher, still
M: Yeah actually he's not a teacher on the golf course. He came out and visited me in Los Angeles and I could get my monthly confession out. Took him to the golf course and kicked his butt. He didn't teach me anything there.
D: You better be careful. He's interceding with you for up there
M: I know Iknow. If he's a good golfer, you know then he's not doing the right thing back home in the neighborhood
D: What does he do for you?
M: Oh god what doesn't he do? He's the only person I can really talk to about anything. He's always there to give me positive advice and teach me right from wrong. But also smart enough to know I had to experience certain things for myself.
D: Alright I want an acting lesson. You have these scenes in which you are watching Charlize Theron with him (JP) and the only thing that changes is everything in your face.
M: Well you're watching Charlize Theron. It's not that hard. Try that with ah, a big heavy set guy, it becomes a little difficult.
D: OK I want the camera to get real close. Can you get really close, close, close . . .
M: I can do it watching you.
D: No alright, So look at this like its flowers. Now look at it like its Charlize Theron
M: Oh this is tough. This isn't an acting lesson. This is an acting test. This, you're not going tol earn anything from this. OK, put it a little closer to your leg. Oh man. OK. (Diane covers her face in embarrassment)
D: Alright I'm going to run through some women, Jennifer Aniston?
M: Amazing actress. She's everything I wish I could have. That kind of person, not necessarily Jennifer
D: Heather Graham
M: Ah An amazing actress as well. (Whispering) I saw Heather naked, so I don't want to-
D: You can't talk about it? M: No, No my mom...
D: Just tell me
M: She likes to be naked. She does it all the time. Yeah (end of whispering) who else. This is fun. I like this.
D: Helen Bonham Carter
M: The most beautiful Chimpanzee in all of the world.
D: Chimpanzee?
M: I haven't seen her in makeup yet
D: Why do you say chimpanzee when you g there?
M: Well there's orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas
D: All women fall into one kind?
M: No she's playing . . .
D: In Planet of the Apes?
M: Yes.
D: Oh I get it. I guess you got a little insight into me then. Julieanne Moore
M: God I saw her nude too. but I didn't look. It was always right in the eyes. Julieanne will tell you that. I don't know what Heather would say. But Julieanne will say I was well behaved
D: Do You have tricks to help them get comfortable, so they don't feel embarrassed
M: No I'm usually the one embarrassed
D: How do you beat the blues?
M: Ah pray
D: What teacher inspired you the most and what did they do?
M: Father Flavin. He taught me the meaning of life
D: Is there a book that changed your life?
M: The Bible
D: And when you get to heaven, apart from family, what do you want there?
M: A place at the table with my name on it. That's all I hope. Entrance
D: Just so you're sure, Mark knew he was whispering into my microphone

Copyright 2000 GMA/ABC/Diane Sawyer and Mark Wahlberg

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