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VH1's Vogue Fashion Awards
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October 20, 2000

Giselle: Please welcome the star of The Yards, Mark Wahlberg. (Walks out wearing a white T-Shirt, dark Blue jeans and yellow Timberland boots)

Mark: You're so short in person, my god. (Note: Mark's eyes was mostly fixed below Giselle's collarbone throughout this)
G: I know I'm trying to grow a bit.
M: Oh you don't have to grow any more. Uh well (audience screams something) thank you. Do you know what my movie and this award have in common?
G: No, Not really, You've got to tell me.
M: Nothing, nothing at all. You won this award last year, Model of the Year.
G: That's correct. Yes I did it was cool.
M: Who's going to win?
G: I can't tell you, it's a little secret.
M: Oh I can keep a secret.
G: No you have to wait 5 little minutes then you can see it.
M: Just 5 little minutes? OK I think I can wait that long. So ah, the nominees are? Is that what I'm supposed to say?
G: Yeah, You're supposed to say whatever you want to say.
M: Well, go and see The Yards. It's a very good movie. Thank You.

Nominees are shown on the video Screen.

G: I know so . . .
M: And I think the winner already knows who she is. But Carmen Kass is the winner.

Copyright 2000 VH1/Giselle & Mark Wahlberg

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