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If you've had a chance to meet Mark Wahlberg, I would love to hear your story.

July 27th, 2001

I went to TRL at 9am to make sure I got in to see Mark. He is my life idol, and I think he is so talented and a great ispiration. Anyway, I am not a regular at TRL, I am 20 and this was my first time. I will only go back if Mark is there. So I got in and at the commercial break I was dancing to "Baby got Back" and I look and Mark is watching me dance and smiling at me...I know because when he saw that I saw him he waved at me. Oh my god! Then if anyone saw the TRL interview he mentioned me and my friend dancing. Well he was the nicest guy, and at the commercial I asked him for a hug and he was so sweet, he hugged me. He looked greater in person! But I wanted to tell him how talented he was and how he was a inpiration to me and how I respected him so much, but it didnt happen. Maybe next time.

----- Jessica C.

July 26th, 2001

Hello all fellow Mark Fans! I want to share with you my story about meeting Mark tonight at the Benefit screening of POTA in Boston. I got there at 4:00, and was surprised to see that me and my 2 friends were among the 1st fans there. We were able to see Loew's set up the red carpet and were able to choose a spot right alongside it, and didn't move. Well, I went tonight hoping that I would at least see him, and that would've been wonderful enough, but I never expected to be so close! Anyway, he arrived near 6:30 and people were just going nuts and he was so beautiful and nice and sweet, taking time to meet people and sign autographs and all, and I was in heaven. Then he was getting closer to where I was standing and I called out "Mark" and had my hand out in front of me, and he looked at me, took my hand, and leaned in and KISSED ME on the cheek!!! I just about died!! I couldn't believe it! So he's standing there and then I remember I have my new Leo Action Figure, so I ask him to sign it, which he does, and then I ask him if I can have my picture taken w/him. He says yes but then my friend was having a problem w/the camera so he was there for a few minutes, very patiently waiting for the picture to be taken, and meanwhile we're standing cheek to cheek and I have my hand around his arm and I can feel his rock-hard muscle! OH-MY-GOD! I couldn't believe this was happening and he was so nice, just like everyone says. He took time to meet so many fans and this was so nice to see! I wish I could recall all that was spoken, but I was so flustered I don't recall enough to quote it. I already got my pics developed and the one of me and him came out great! I'd scan it in, but I don't know how to. If someone out there does, and you want to see it, please tell me how to do it! I hope all his fans get to enjoy the same experience I did. And I have to add that I can't believe how good he looks in person, he's just beautiful! Thanks for listening.....

----- Kris

March 30 - April 2 2001

Read Applepie's exclusive reports about meeting Mark Wahlberg's road manager and visiting the set of 'The Truth About Charlie' in Paris.

Sat., Feb. 17, 2001

Mark was having a quiet dinner with a friend --- out of respect for him --- I did not interrupt. He's so HOT! Just as my friend and I were leaving, he stepped out of the restaurant. I approached him and told him how great he was . . . duh. And he blushed! He was incredibly pleasant. I asked for an autograph --- he kindly obliged. I asked him if I could kiss him --- he was so sweet. He introduced his friend and introduced himself to my friend. I didn't want to impose too much, so I asked if I could give him a hug and he said, "Sure" ---- so I did. AHHHH! I thanked him for his time. He's so adorable! I was very fortunate to have met Mark. I was very respectful and always asked him for approval before I did anything --- poor guy probably gets tired of obtrusive people. Just wanted the whole world to know ---- He's my favorite - forever. For everyone that loves Mark ---- he's such a sweetheart!

----- anonymous

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