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(Thanks Applepie for letting me post these exclusive reports from Paris)

Applepie's exclusive reports about meeting Mark Wahlberg's road manager and visiting the set of 'The Truth About Charlie' in Paris.

March 30 2001
Today is a glorious day my cyber friends, for I, little 'ld applepie 
who always read stories about Mark encounters but never experienced 
one, stood 4 feet away from da man!

That's right, he's in Paris. Finally. The crew is on their lunch 
break now but they'll start shooting again shortly, at the Trocadero 
(across the river from the Eiffel Tower). Today is a nice sunny day, 
but still quite chilly.

Well, off I go for I do not want to miss the rest of the show! 
Bye bye ladies!

happy applepie

March 30 2001
Details? Well, although I didn't have the guts to go up and talk to him directly (he was getting his makeup fixed), I did talk a little with our dear friend E-Factor. I recognized him but then again, didn't have the brains to tell him I knew who he was. I was just very polite and all... :)

It's really cold in Paris these days, and it looked like Mark had a cold. Poor thing.

Once the scene was over, Mark and E took off really quickly. I stayed because I wanted to shake hands with the 1st AD who had given me permission to hang on the set all day.

I went back this afternoon but Mark wasn't there. They were shooting a scene for Thandie only. As far as I understood, they're shooting a night scene near that area a little later. And I think Mark will be there. At least, that's what I heard from E... I won't be there because I have other arrangements. 

What else can I say? Mark looked really good, but he also looked a little short to me! (Stirring up the height debate once more!) I'm 170cm. He looked shorter than me because I was wearing some heels... But he can't be much taller than 1m70.

Voilà ladies! That's it for now!
Have a nice weekend everyone.

April 1 2001
Hey there!
Thanks for all the replies! Now, back to Paris. Since THE TRUTH ABOUT 
CHARLIE people are not shooting on the weekends, it's going to be 
tough to find some time during the week to go see them again. I know 
they have an early start on Monday: 6:00AM. But I'm not sure where.

After Mark and E left the set on Friday, I was kicking myself for not 
telling E that we had actually ICQed eachother a while ago! So on 
Saturday, I called up the 1st AD, said thank you again for letting me 
visit the set, and casually asked how I could get in touch with M. 
Weinstein. He kindly told me in which hotel E was staying and I 

To make a long story short: I'm meeting with E tonight, and believe 
me girls, I'll be sure to ask him whether he has a message for you 
all! I'm hoping he'll be open to answer all my questions regarding 
his job, his plan of opening a school to train PAs, how he likes 
Paris... and so on! Wish me luck. :)

Lianne, it's a honor to have you quote my 'report' on your site! 
Really! And to answer your other question: no, I didn't take any 
pictures. It was quite impressive you know. All the cast and crew, 
the extras, and the people like me, hanging around the set... I 
couldn't possibly pull out my camera and start snapping away! You 
know how it is. Plus, by now, you probably realized how shy I was!

Anyhow, I'll keep you posted!

April 1 2001
Well, it's now 10:30PM in Paris, and E says HELLO to all of you! 
The 'rendez-vous' went really well. Eric was very nice and answered 
all my questions. We talked a lot about his job, what it consists of, 
how he got involved with Mark, what his plans are for the future...

During the SAG strike this summer, he's going to be working on 
setting up this 6- to 8-week program for Personal Assistants. It'll 
be an intense training course during which one will learn what the 
job consists of, how to make travel arrangements, contacts, do the 
accounting, get things done and problems solved, what the protocol is 
about, and most important: how to deal with people and personalities. 
That's really important, because when you deal with celebrities, 
you're mostly dealing with egos... :) 

But E is real down-to-earth type of person. Just him meeting me 
proves one thing: he's accessible! He doesn't put himself on a 
pedestal, out-of-reach... Oh, by the way, he's also looking for a
woman in his life! So if you're single, in Paris (or New York, where 
he lives), and looking for someone, let him know. He'll take you out 
for lunch of something. Really! But let me warn you: if you're 
planning on using him to get to Mark, you'll just be wasting your 

One last thing: he'll be posting an update on Mark and the shooting 
of The Truth About Charlie as soon as the official site is back up -
'really soon' he assured me. Look out for it!

I don't know whether I'll get a chance to see them again, but that 
weekend sure was a productive one. Well, that's it for me now. 
Good night ladies. :)

April 2 2001
Dear everyone,

Thanks for all the questions! I'll try to answer them all the best I 

No, I didn't take any pictures. You all know what he looks like, and 
I believe you also know what I look like! Plus, you never know where 
your picture's going to end up once it starts circulating on the net…

Yes, we met in the bar/lobby of his hotel. 

No, he didn't look that tired to me. Although he confessed he was not 
a morning person. That 6:00AM start the next morning was a good 
reason to go to bed early that night. When I left, it was only 

No, Eric didn't go into specifics as to what type of woman he was 
looking for. Definitely NOT the Nadia type. From what I understood, 
she was literally harassing him… (I hope he won't mind me saying all 
this). My guess would be someone sweet, patient and understanding, 
who's not gonna walk out on him because he's not home 8 months out of 

Regarding the official message board: some of the board members 
started emailing him about the problems that were going on with it 
(false rumors, bad management and so forth). Honestly, it's not his 
job to monitor the board. He was kind enough to intervene a few times 
to straighten out some false stories about Mark, but I think he would 
appreciate it very much if we call upon him parsimoniously. ;)

Apart from that, he has many projects going on. A project entitled 
ONE LOVE based on his real-life story, among other things… (For some 
reason, I vaguely recall him mentioning it on the board 
once…) I also asked him why Mark had left the Ocean's 11 project, 
and he explained to me that it was simply a schedule conflict issue. 
You probably all knew that already, but I didn't! So rejoice! Mark 
and George are still talking. As for Mark's projects, he briefly 
mentioned Mark eventually directing, some time in the future… Lianne: 
Mark was indeed in Hawaii last week. He flew straight to Paris last 
Saturday. E left one day earlier (Friday).

Hey, did you guys know that E worked for Donnie as well (among other 
celebrities)? This man is very much in demand in Hollywood. He knows 
the job and does it well. Naturally, I had to ask him why he stays 
with Mark when he could be working for Kevin Spacey? Loyalty, he said.

Wow! I'm drained. It's like writing a paper for school! So, am I a 
good student or what?!
Wishing you all a wonderful week.


© 2001 Applepie

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