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Friday, Aug 17, 2001
  • Rock Star premiere is set on Sept 4,2001 6:30pm at Mann's Village Theatre (not confirmed)

  • Mark will also be at the MTV Music Video Awards on Thursday, Sept. 6th at 8PM (ET/PT)

  • Extra had an interview with Mark on 'Rock Star' here

  • 1 photo shoot pic is added. here

  • 1 cover scan of Empire magazine is added. here

  • 2 Rock Star photos are also added. here

  • Note: I will be leaving for L.A. tomorrow and won't be back until Aug. 22 or 23. This will be the last update until I get back. The adminstrator will be looking over the tech support of the site.

    Thursday, Aug 16, 2001
  • Mark Wahlberg attended the British Premiere of 'Planet of the Apes' at London's Odeon Leicester Square, August 14, 2001. I've added 10 photos here

  • The 3 paparazzi photos of Rhea Durham and Mark on Malibu has been added (thank you Emily) here

  • 1 photo of Mark with his mother at the premiere of POTA has been added here

  • Don't forget that Mark will be attending the following premieres:
    Aug. 17th: Barcelona, Spain.
    Aug. 20th: Paris, France.
    Aug. 22nd: Berlin, Germany.

    Monday, Aug 13, 2001
  • I just scanned 4 photos from the August issue of Vanity Fair magazine. here and cover scan I also typed up the article here

  • Entertainment Tonight had a brief segment on 'Rock Star' last Friday. There is also a behind the scenes clip of Jennifer Aniston and Mark here

  • There are 3 paparazzi pictures of Rhea Durham and Mark on the beach in Malibu on the German magazine, GALA. (Thank you Suki)

  • Mark talks about his religion in article. here.

  • There are tons of new video caps and photos. (Big thanks to Kazuko)
  • 12 candid photos are added. here.

  • 1 POTA photo. here.

  • 32 video caps from 'The Corruptor'. here.

  • 2 Rock Star photos. here.

  • 17 video caps from 'The Perfect Storm'. here.

  • 19 video caps from 'The Big Hit'. here.

  • 23 video caps from 'Fear'. here.

  • 20 video caps from 'The traveller'. here.

  • 21 video caps from 'The Basketball Diaries'. here.

  • 13 video caps from 'The Substitute'. here.

  • Friday, Aug 10, 2001
  • Mark is on the cover of this week's issue of TV extra, German magazine "Stern" see picture
  • (Thank you, Julie)

  • Also, I just added a video clip from the premiere of POTA on E! real audio.

  • (Thank you Alex for the clips)

  • AOL recently has an auction for celebrity photos. There is several autographed photos of Mark available on ebay. Here are some of the links:
    | link 1 | link 2 | link 3 | link 4 | link 5 |

  • I didn't get a chance to post the Regis media clip up. I'm still fixing the Lettermen clip for the people who couldn't see it. If you still have problems seeing the clip, then e-mail me.

  • Mark's schedule:
  • E-factor, Mark's roadmanager had said that Mark will be in London on Sunday, the 12th to 16th. Then he will head to Barcelona until the 18th and go to Paris. He will also go to Berlin on the 21st and leave for home on the 23rd.

  • During his stay in Europe, he will be appearing in following Planet of the Ape UK premieres.

  • Aug. 14th: Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London.
    Aug. 17th: Barcelona, Spain.
    Aug. 20th: Paris, France.
    Aug. 22nd: Berlin, Germany.

    Tuesday, Aug 7, 2001
  • If you missed the MTV behind the scenes special on Planet of the Apes special. Here is the real audio

  • There is also an interview with Mark from MTV. real audio.

  • (Thank you Alex for the clips)

    Sunday, Aug 5, 2001
  • I finally got the David Lettermen interview with Mark Wahlberg up. It's 8 minutes long, so I cut it into 2 parts. The video clip is recommended for cable/DSL users. If you are a dial up user I will be making another media clip for you. Enjoy! here.

  • Thursday, Aug 2, 2001
    Universal Pictures announced yesterday that principal photography has been completed on "The Truth About Charlie."
    Read article. here
  • 5 new photo shoot pictures have been added here.

  • 1 magazine cover from USA Weekend. here.

  • 15 new video caps from CSN POTA Special here.

  • 2 premiere pic. here.

  • 4 new video caps from The Big Hit here.

  • 4 new video caps from MTV Live here.

  • Just typed up short article from TV Guide. here.

  • Planet Of the Apes release dates: here

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